Industry experience


McQ by Alexander McQueen Menswear team


  • Assisting very closely with the head designer in the development of many different seasons but closely with Pre AW17 collection with me being partnered with one other senior designer to develop the majority of the collection.

  • I developed very strong Photoshop and Illustrator skills as I developed a lot of the technical drawings used for the manufacture of the collection as well I was involved a lot in process of design as I would often been intrusted with designing certain stories of garments within the collection.

  • Excel was program I used on a daily basis, as I would make technical packs on every part of collection.

  •  Other skills included fabric knowledge/research, inspirational research, and fabric sourcing.



Bernhard Willhelm


  • Worked very closely with Bernhard Willhelm in a 5-person studio team in the making of his Autumn 2016-17 collection.

  • Main task was constructing toiles and samples for collection through pattern cutting, sewing and draping, which were sent of to Japanese manufacturers who created the final collection.

  • Discussing with designer and studio team the design of garments within the collection and the all around approach of the collection.

  • Reviewing garments with designer to see if they fit the needs of the brand’s target market.

  • Assisting in the organisation and running of the design studio.



Liam Hodges


  • Experience in production of a collection in a studio but also at factory level.

  • Involvement in the development and creation of a designer’s collection, including decisions on fabrication and styling.

  • Producing lay plans for factories and cost sheets for stores worldwide.

  • Trusted to complete tasks involving production of garments outside of the studio.


Craig Green


  • Experiencing how a collection builds up from research, to fabrication and design, to a final collection.

  • Learning specialised hand treated printing techniques.

  • Knowledge of styling to a final collection.

  • Working with other interns as a team to complete tasks.

  • Completing day-to-day tasks such as collecting, printing paint and drying out prints.




  • Menswear student with experience in: tailoring, shirt, jersey, denim, print, sportswear and embroidery.

  • Design development through 3D and 2D methods

  • Strong pattern cutting skills

  • Confidence in hand drawing, Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • Strong research techniques

  • Knowledge of fabrics and fabrication

  • An easy going but hard working team colleague

  • Good time management skills

  • A goal driven attitude towards all tasks